no twitter until finish my examination :)

guys ! okayyy friends ramai cakap , twitter awesome <3 . i ade perasaan nak buat tapi sokaylaa , lupekan dulu . after jawab exam pmr , baru buad :) that's my decision and i hope i can do it . tehewww ! i think i should start a new life . to syahir jaalam , i love you but we dah take decision right ? sorry but you have to know i love you and thank you for everything my sweetheart :) jangan terlalu alpa mencintai seseorang sehinggakan perkara yang lain diabaikan . that's my word :) my life ? just in my way but in my way , no sad no cry just happy , laugh and make people happy with me . after this , no jealous , just let it go . do your own step to achieve your own world <3 . about my friend yang sorang tu , sorry about anything .i must do that , i want you to change . we love you kawan ;) hope you will be fine after this . just want to say subhanallah .  by the way , picture i yang at atas tu ean , time tu pukul 3 pagi dekat dalm toilet . baru balik dari shopping dekat kl :) haha